Back to School!

Happy First Day of School to families throughout Squamish! This was what school looked like in 1949.

Left to right, front row: Mary McCormack, Sheila Dawson, Loys Allot, Helen Zack, Joyce Turnquist, Dorothy Caldwell, Ruth Jordan, Harriet Brightbill.
Second row: Patricia Taylor, Janet Casey, June Frost, Shirley Bazley, Patricia Patterson, Beth Tatlow, Mrs T. Melynsck (teacher).
Third row: Miss Norah Tracey (teacher), Denny McDougall, William Jenkins, James Buchanan, Gilbert Garrison, Ronald Klassen, Bill Thornber, Bill Burgess, Bill Carson.
Top row: Richard Munro, Donald Brownell, Gray Mitchell, Kenneth Dorman, Terry Aldridge, Bob Dent, Graham Valde, Sonny Davis.
Photo: Mashiter School Picture, 1949. Courtesy of Squamish Public Library.

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