It’s 2014!

We’re excited to get the 100 Years of Squamish off the ground tonight with our local event producers and organizations. A launch event at the Living Room, graciously supported by the Executive Suites Squamish, is being held from 5-7pm. The evening will offer an opportunity to share ideas about how all the different events, organizations and businesses can build the 100 Years celebration into their own activities. A 100 Years Tool Kit has been created with ideas and tools to share.

Our vision? To weave the story of Squamish’s history throughout each and every special event, sports game, fundraiser, association and community gathering in 2014.

As we look back on 100 years of Squamish history, our story can be told through the passion and innovation of the residents, business-owners, event producers, local leaders and the dedication and community-mindedness of our many volunteers.

It’s EVERYONE’s story that helps tell the story of Squamish. The efforts stemming from community members have helped pioneer this town from where we’ve come from to where we are today. Please get involved and help us weave the story of Squamish together. Hope to see you tonight, or download the Tool Kit and get started!

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